The AAS nominates and elects individuals who have excelled in their fields of expertise as fellows and gives prizes to recognise scientists who have contributed to developing their fields in Africa. The programmes that recognise excellence are FELLOWSHIPS, AFFILIATES and THE OLUSEGUN OBASANJO PRIZE

The AAS Fellowships

AAS Fellows

There are three categories:

Fellows are Africans who may live in or outside the continent and are elected by AAS fellows based on achievements that include their publication record, innovations, leadership roles and contribution to policy.
Associate fellows are non-Africans who have contributed to the development of science on the continent.
Honorary fellows are eminent members of society who have helped the AAS to achieve its goals. Some of its prominent honorary fellows are Olusegun Obasanjo, the former President of Nigeria and Denis Sassou Nguesso, the President of the Republic of Congo.

The fellows

The AAS’ 396 fellows are spread in 53 countries from across the globe.





Nominating a fellow

Nominating  a Candidate for AAS Fellowship

The African Academy of Sciences (AAS) accepts nominations for fellows in the first quarter of each year. A nomination call is sent out to all AAS Fellows/Associate Fellows at the beginning of each  year. Nominations must be received by 31st  March to be processed during that year. Nominations received after 31 March will be reviewed during the following year. Only current AAS Fellows/Associate Fellows can submit nominations.  Profiles of Fellows of the AAS are available on the AAS website. The recruitment process is as follows:

Fellow/Associate Fellow

  1. Nominees must be informed and willing to be nominated by a Fellow/Associate Fellows of the AAS. Alternatively, interested individuals may approach an AAS Fellow/Associate Fellow to nominate them. The nomination must also be seconded by a Fellow/Associate Fellow of the AAS. 
  2. At least one, either the nominator or the seconder, must be in the same or allied field as the nominee.
  3. The nominator submits the nominee’s application dossier on-line on the AAS Ishango Online System. The dossier consists of:
  •  A completed AAS Fellows nomination form endorsed by the Nominator, Seconder and Nominee
  • Updated curriculum vitae of the nominee
  •  At least five (5) soft copies of the nominee’s best publications.

4.  The AAS secretariat then requests referee reports from the nominee's referees. Other independent experts may also be contacted at this time to assess the nominee.

5.  The full dossier together with the referees’ reports is sent to the respective AAS Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) for evaluation.

6.     The MAC recommendations will be submitted to the secretariat usually by 30 August. Consensus building exchanges will then take place over four weeks.

7.  After this the profiles of nominees who have been recommended by the MAC for fellowship are circulated to the AAS Fellows to vote in new members.

8. The AAS Governing Council will thereafter review the MAC evaluation and Fellows’ votes and elect nominees to the AAS Fellowship.

9.  The outcome of the review process is relayed by the end of the year.

10.  Newly elected members are inducted at a ceremony during the AAS General Assembly.

Fellows – are elected from active African scientists residing in Africa or elsewhere and who have attained the highest international standards and/or who have made significant contributions to the development and application of science, technology and innovation in Africa.

Associate Fellows – are elected from  active and outstanding non-African scientists residing elsewhere or in Africa and who have made significant contributions to the development of science, technology and innovation in Africa.

Non-African scientists who have taken citizenship of an African nation will be treated as Fellows. 

Africa-born scientists who may have taken citizenship outside Africa will be considered as Fellows.

Honorary Fellows are elected from persons of eminence who have made significant contribution to the objectives of the Academy. Under this category of fellowship, a candidate shall be nominated by a minimum of three Fellows and/or Associate Fellows and the nomination shall be reviewed and the nominee elected directly by the Governing Council.